All of the most popular accounting software packages are now in the cloud. Accounting software such as Xero and WorkflowMax have made it a priority to help you get paid faster by taking invoicing out of spreadsheets, off your desktop, and into the cloud.

Online accounding software removes the need for endless amounts of paperwork and makes it easy for you to not only create invoices but for your clients to pay you.

Online Accounting Software

Online accounting software allows you to email your customers a link to your invoice which is stored online. On their invoice they can see all of the vital information, such as the payment status, history, and of course a link to pay now.

Explore some of the top cloud accounting software options:

Using Online Accounting Software Makes Invoicing Simple

Online invoicing removes the need for duplicate data entry, which removes opportunities for mistakes. Once the invoices are paid, all of the details are automatically loaded into your cloud accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks.

Furthermore, with online invoicing, you have the opportunity to record when the invoices and payments are sent in real-time, giving you more of an accurate idea when you are likely to get paid so you can budget correctly.

Your client also has the option to view their outstanding payments online, allowing them to more easily see what is due and when, so that they can pay you faster.

Many years have been spent by cloud accounting software companies such as Xero, building a vigorous invoicing system. This functionality makes it easier for businesses and clients to connect, allowing the money and data flow in a much faster and more effective manner.

General Tips For Getting Paid Faster Using Cloud Accounting Software

  • Have the discussion about payment terms before you begin
  • Keep detailed reports and records of inventory and time
  • Ensure your invoices are clear and easy to comprehend
  • Make sure the payment terms are appropriate
  • Add overdue fees
  • Make sure the invoice is addressed to the correct person
  • Make sure your invoicing is done quickly and as soon as possible
  • Keep on track with debtors

Invoicing For Your Time

If you tend to bill your clients for your time, then WorkflowMax and Xero could be the right solutions for your business.

Where in the past, it may have taken you a lot of time to extract information from timesheets; putting them into spreadsheets, inputting data, and still not being able to come to a conslusion about your profit margins. Now, with WorkflowMax and Xero working together, invoicing for your staff’s time is easy.

WorkflowMax enables you to see all of the hours worked against a job and how they stack up against your quote. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to view exactly what profit you have made on specific jobs making it much easier to measure your profit and loss.

With WorkflowMax and Xero you can design your own invoices with your company branding and send professional branded invoices to your clients that are consistent and simple to understand. All you have to do is choose the specific information that you want to show on that invoice and then you’re good to go.

When you have Xero and WorkflowMax working together, you also have the safety of knowing that once the invoice is paid off, then the job will automatically get signed off in WorkflowMax.